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The last thing we expect to happen when we make any kind of purchase is for the seller to deceive us. It is hurtful, stressful, and frustrating to say the least. Not only does it make us lose trust in the company but we end up losing trust in the consumer buying process as a whole. We end up expecting that to be the norm when it doesn’t necessarily end up that way. Some sellers have been known to engage in deceptive trade practices with the intention of misleading or luring consumers to purchase a good or service.

It can lead to damaging the relationship between buyer and seller and lead to financial destruction. If this does happen to you, our experienced consumer lawyers at Cherkaoui & Associates stand at the ready to help you file a consumer complaint and hash it out in court with the seller. We will help you seek the financial compensation for the damages caused by the deceptive trade practice.

Consumer Law in Sugarland and Houston

The Texas Business and Commerce Code is a helpful resource concerning consumer law and how it relates to deceptive trade practices. It outlines the various situations and acts that would fall underneath this category. One such deceptive trade practice concerns sellers attempting to pass off a good as new despite it being already used or deteriorated. Another concerns sellers advertising goods and services with the intention of not selling them as they are advertised.

This can be very frustrating especially if it happens to us - causing us to waste money on the good that sometimes we can’t get back especially if it concerns an vehicle. However, the deceptive trade practice laws in Texas allow for consumers to sue violators of these laws for compensation. If you end up in this situation and need to sue a seller for a deceptive trade practice, it is recommended that you contact a consumer law attorney that is experienced in handling these types of cases. We can help you seek damages for the deceptive transaction at which point you can expect to receive up to three times the amount.

Consumer Rights in Houston and Sugarland

As a consumer, it is crucial that you understand the rights afforded to you. These rights are available for your protection and as a way to retaliate against sellers who have deceived you when purchasing a good or service. Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices laws, you are allowed to sue the seller in court for reimbursement of damages caused by the incident. This can be up to three times the amount of money that was paid for the good or service. The seller would also be forced to cease the deceptive trade practice as well.

As a consumer, you also have the right to file a complaint against the seller or company. This can easily be done by saving all relevant documents to the purchase, contacting the appropriate party including a consumer protection agency, and finding a consumer law lawyer to file a suit through the court system. This procedure is easier than you think and our consumer law attorneys at the Cherkaoui law firm can walk you through the complaint process and build your case for civil court. They have years of experience handling these types of cases and are knowledgeable of how the deceptive trade practice laws work in Texas.

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Don’t let one incident ruin the joys of going out and purchasing the things you need or want. Not every encounter you have will end with the seller or company being deceptive in how they sell you goods and services. If you do get one of these bad apples, just know that we are here to help you every step of the way and provide you exceptional legal representation. We won’t charge you until we win.

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