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Our personal information is a huge part of who we are and we hold it very close to us - this includes items like our social security number, our driver's license, our credit or debit cards, passport, etc. However, it can be very disconcerting and alarming when we realize that one or all of these items go missing and we then become a victim of identity theft or fraud. The perpetrators that steal personal information then use it to open bank accounts or credit lines, spend money on the credit cards, get loans, or simply cash out the money from these cards. It can cause financial ruin and destroy a credit score that will last for years.

If you are a victim of some form of fraud, our fraud lawyers at Cherkaoui & Associates are ready and able to represent you in court and go up against the individual or company who has committed fraud against you. We have years of experience handling fraud cases and are knowledgeable in the different types of fraud such as insurance and credit card.

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There are many ways that an individual can commit fraud against - one of them is credit card fraud. For a crime to be considered debit or credit card fraud, one must take another individual’s credit or debit card with the intention of either making unauthorized charges or withdrawing money from the card. Most of the time, a person who commits credit card fraud is usually charged with identity theft since personal information such as your social security number and date of birth can be used to commit other forms of fraud. In Texas, credit card fraud is considered a state jail felony while it is a third degree felony if it involves an elderly person.

Another form of fraud involves scams - most of them usually occur through email. To figure out if you have been scammed or might be scammed, there are some tips that you can use such as they contacted you first, they ask for your personal information, you have to wire them money, they dangle bait in front of you, or they ask you to pay them. Don’t be a victim of a scam or fraud. Allow our experienced fraud lawyers to assist you in dealing with the repercussions of having your personal information compromised and help you get your life back on track.

Fraud Attorney in Katy and Houston

As with any crime, there is a statute of limitations - even for fraud. The statute of limitations for fraud is 4 years meaning you have up until that time to file a suit in court. If the statute of limitations runs out, even if you have a good case going, you would probably not be able to sue. Therefore, it is very important that if your credit cards or other items with your personal information on them are missing, that you immediately cancel them and call a fraud attorney who can assist you in your case. Do not wait til the last minute or try to handle it on your own - instead let the experts handle it.

This statute of limitations applies to all forms of fraud including insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can happen to consumers in one of two ways - either they are sold bogus insurance or their insurance premiums are stolen from them by the insurance broker. This can seriously impact a consumer’s financial situation especially if they don’t realize that it is happening to them. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with one of our skilled and knowledgeable fraud attorneys who can call out the phony insurance broker and save you from being robbed any further.

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Having fraud committed against us can be the worst feeling in the world. Losing out on money can cause financial hardships and stress that can last. Don’t wait to handle fraud if it happens to you, call the fraud attorneys at the Cherkaoui law firm for a free consultation. We will prepare your case and prosecute the individuals who have committed fraud against you.

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