Consumer Protection in Houston and Sugarland

It’s only natural that you should expect your rights to be protected as a consumer. Many businesses in different industries have been known to engage in deceptive and fraudulent acts - stripping consumers of their hard-earned money and their freedom. Even worse, there are times where a company’s database is hacked and customer’s personal information is stolen - allowing individuals to commit identity theft and wreck havoc on your credit and finances. This is a real fear that has happened on more than one occasion even though it shouldn’t.

Businesses should better safeguard their customer’s personal information and run their companies in a more ethical manner. However, when situations like this do arise, it’s best to call an experienced consumer law lawyer who can educate you on your consumer rights and exercise them to their fullest extent. Our consumer law attorneys at the Cherkaoui law firm are more than capable of fulfilling this role.

Consumer Complaints in Houston and Katy

Filing a consumer complaint doesn’t have to be complicated. It is actually a fairly easy process that can be done in three steps. To file a general consumer complaint, first you would have to gather the necessary documents related to your purchase. This can include warranties, receipts, and contracts. Second, you would then call, email, or write consumer protection officers, consumer affairs departments or the local seller. Lastly, you would need to find a consumer lawyer to handle the complaint in court.

These steps would apply as well to online purchases and if you are filing a complaint against a company. Other ways to resolve consumer complaints include dispute programs which include mediation, arbitration, and conciliation. Arbitration clauses are very common in contracts especially in automotive and cell phone contracts. While arbitration is less expensive, it is unfair for the consumer and any decision made is legally binding - even if the company was very negligent.

This might seem like a lot but consulting with a consumer lawyer can help clear up any misunderstandings and resolve the third step of the consumer complaint process. Our consumer attorneys at Cherkaoui & Associates can help represent you in court and you don’t pay until we win.

Consumer Protection Act in Katy and Houston

While Texas law does not adhere to the UDTPA or the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, it does have its own set of deceptive trade practice laws that allow consumers to file suit against violators. There are many types of deceptive trade practices laws that include bait and switch, deceptive pricing, false advertising, odometer tampering, and low stock scams. In low stock scams, some sellers will run an advertisement for a product that they have a limited number of. They will list it at a low price while neglecting to inform their customers that they have a limited amount.

Therefore, it will continue to run even after the seller is sold out. False advertising is yet another deceptive trade practice. This involves making a statement or advertising a product under false claims. A great example of this is if a car dealership claims to sell a vehicle that gets great gas mileage when it actually doesn’t. The great thing about these deceptive trade practice laws in Texas is that they allow the consumer to sue the seller for violations.

The penalties are worse if the consumer is over the age of 65. If you believe a seller has engaged in a deceptive trade practice with you, then we highly suggest giving one of our experienced consumer lawyers a call. We are knowledgeable of the deceptive trade practice laws in Texas and can represent you in court and make sure that you get compensated for the injustice.

The Consumer Lawyers at Cherkaoui & Associates serves clients in Sugarland, Houston, and Katy areas

Don’t wait any longer to file a suit against the seller - call and speak to one of our skilled consumer law attorneys who can guide you through the suit process and build your case in court. Our experienced lawyers at the Cherkaoui law firm can provide you with the necessary legal representation and ensure that the seller ceases the deceptive trade practice and compensates you for the necessary damages.

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