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We at Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC stand as a full-service deceptive trade firm with 10 years of experience in the representation of companies throughout the San Antonio area. We put our experience to work for your deceptive trade related needs, striving to bring you the representation you need for your business.

At Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC, we focus on accuracy and diligence in our clients’ deceptive trade cases. Therefore, we can provide for our San Antonio area clients’ businesses. Over our 10 years of history, we have developed special skills to handle deceptive trade related matters. Our deceptive trade of experience can handle the unique intellectual property and other business law issues common to this industry. We can also help with unfair business competition litigation in San Antonio area law. If a former employee or associate interferes with your current economic relationships, our deceptive trade firm may be able to pursue litigation options for any damages you sustain.

At Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC, we have extensive experience in handling San Antonio based deceptive trade cases. During our 10 years history, we have worked closely with a variety of different clients, developing a strong knowledge base of the fundamentals of their industry. This deceptive trade experience helps us provide excellent service when advising clients on business formation. We know San Antonio area industry trends well and can therefore recommend formation of either corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations or sole proprietorship structures based on the best practices of one’s specific field. In other deceptive trade matters, our professionals at Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC can use their research skills for your company’s benefit. San Antonio area businesses with intellectual property or due diligence issues will appreciate this skill.

Call us at Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC to keep your business legally sound!

After 10 years of practice, we at Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC have seen how quickly a legal mistake or deceptive trade matter can take down a prominent San Antonio area business. Call us at (281) 946-9466 to make sure your business is in line.

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I will definitely recommend Mr Cherkaoui to anyone who has a legal matter. He knows his job very well and he worked very hard on my case, which resulted in a variable verdict from the jury.